Three-phase On-grid String Inverter

Introducing the Three-phase On-grid String Inverter SPI3K~6K-B, designed for Efficient and Flexible solar power generation. With 2 independent MPPTs, advanced control algorithms, and high adaptation ability to the grid, it ensures more generation and improved stability of the power generation system.
The inverter also offers Intelligent Management with I&V Intelligent diagnosis, accurate identification and positioning of abnormal PV panels, support for RS485, Wifi, GPRS communication, and remote online upgrade for convenient and efficient maintenance.
Safety and Reliability are top priorities with IP65 rating for outdoor applications, integrated AC/DC full lightning protection, and all industrial-grade electronic devices, ensuring a 25-year full life cycle of operation.
In terms of Grid Friendly features, the inverter has grid-connected current harmonics <3%, making it green and adaptable to the grid. It also has an ultra-wide grid voltage range.

inverter SPI3K~6K-B

Efficient and Flexible

■ 2 independent MPPT, more generation
■ Advanced control algorithms and high adaptation ability to the grid, improving the stability of power generation system

Intelligent Management

■ I&V Intelligent diagnosis, accurate identification and positioning of abnormal PV panels
■ Support RS485, Wifi, GPRS communication
■ Remote online upgrade, convenient and efficient

Safe and Reliable

■ IP65 for outdoor application
■ Integrated AC/DC full lightning protection
■ All industrial grade electronic device, ensure 25 years full life circle running

Grid Friendly

■ Grid-connected current harmonics <3%, green adapts to grid
■ Ultra wide grid voltage range


Left View

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Front View

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Right View

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