SPI30K~40K-B X2

Three-phase On-grid String Inverter

SPI30K~40K-B X2

Presenting the SPI30K~40K-B X2 Three-phase On-grid String Inverter: Elevate Your Solar Energy Experience with Unparalleled Performance, Adaptability, and Dependability
Discover the transformative potential of the SPI30K~40K-B X2, a cutting-edge three-phase on-grid string inverter tailored for today’s solar energy installations. This innovative inverter offers exceptional yield, seamless integration with energy storage systems, robust reliability, and effortless operation and maintenance.
Exceptional Yield: Experience superior power generation with the SPI30K~40K-B X2’s patented multi-MPPT algorithm, designed to accommodate multi-orientation installations. With a maximum current of 15A per single string, it is the perfect match for high-efficiency PV modules. Boost your power generation even further with the integrated PID function, which effectively repairs component attenuation.
Adaptable ESS Integration: The SPI30K~40K-B X2’s ESS function interface enables smooth interconnection between PV and energy storage systems, providing flexibility for multi-term investments in PV and ESS projects. This adaptability allows users to optimize their return on investment.
Dependable Performance: Designed for durability, the SPI30K~40K-B X2 boasts IP66 protection and a wide operating temperature range, ensuring high environmental adaptability. The AFCI function eliminates fire hazards, and key components are carefully chosen to guarantee reliable operation throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.
Effortless Operation & Maintenance: The SPI30K~40K-B X2 features intelligent IV curve scanning for efficient operation and maintenance. The user-friendly WiseSolar APP+ cloud platform provides comprehensive, visually accessible O&M, while the remote intelligent upgrade service minimizes O&M costs.

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High Yeld

● Multi-MPPT design meets the requirement of multi- orientation installation, patented MPPT algorithm increases power generation
● Maximum current up to 15A of a single string is suitable for high efficiency PV module
● Integrated PID function can effectively repair component attenuation and increase power generation

Flexible ESS

● Equipped with ESS function interface, realized the interconnection of PV and ESS
● Flexible multi-term investment of PV and ESS project optimizes ROI of users.


● IP66 protection, wide operating temperature, high environment adaptability
● AFCI function, eliminates fire hazards
● Key components are strictly selected to ensure reliable operation of the product over its whole lifecycle

Easy O&M

● Intelligent IV curve scanning achieves efficient O&M
● Intelligent WiseSolar APP+ cloud platform provides all- round visual O&M
● Remote intelligent upgrade service can reduce O&M cost

Left View

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