SPI 50~60K-B

Three-phase On-grid String Inverter


Introducing the Three-phase On-grid String Inverter SPI 50~60K-B, a high-performance solution for renewable energy systems. The inverter’s high-efficiency topology ensures optimal annual power generation, while its advanced control algorithms and excellent grid adaptability enhance the stability of the power generation system.

The SPI 50~60K-B also offers intelligent management through its cloud platform monitoring, enabling real-time monitoring through a one-key APP. This versatile inverter supports a variety of communication methods, including RS485, GPRS, and WIFI, making it easy to connect and manage.

Safety and reliability are crucial for any energy system, and the SPI 50~60K-B has you covered. With an IP65 rating, it is suitable for outdoor applications, while comprehensive AC/DC lightning protection is integrated to safeguard your investment. The aluminum alloy die-casting integrated chassis ensures a full 25-year life cycle for the inverter.

SPI 50~60K-B

High Efficiency

■ High-efficiency inverter topology ensures annual power generation
■ Advanced control algorithms and high adaptation ability to the grid, improving the stability of power generation system

Intelligent Management

■ Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one-key APP real-time monitoring
■ Support RS485, GPRS, WIFI and other communication methods

Safe and Reliable

■ IP65 for outdoor application
■ Integrated AC/DC full lightning protection
■ Aluminum alloy die-casting integrated chassis, ensure 25 years full life circle running

Green Saving

■ Small size, easy to install and use
■ Natural cooling, ensuring low environmental noise
■ Super-wide operating temperature range, adapt to extremely cold, high temperature areas

Left View

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Front View

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