SPI 100~125K-B

1100V Three-phase On-grid String Inverter


Introducing the 1100V Three-phase On-grid String Inverter SPI 100~125K-B, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize your renewable energy systems. This high-performance inverter features advanced three-level technology, boasting a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. With a 9/6 MPPTs design, it is compatible with large current and bifacial modules, ensuring high power tracking density at a 400Vac system.
Safety and reliability are of utmost importance in any energy system, and the SPI 100~125K-B delivers on both counts. The inverter is equipped with IP66 protection and C5 anti-corrosion grade, along with an intelligent fan with IP68 protection. It also offers AFCI protection and fire protection, proactively reducing the risk of fire. Additionally, anti-PID and PID recovery functions are integrated into the system.
The SPI 100~125K-B is designed for system optimization, featuring a DC 2-in-1 connection and compatibility with AL AC cables. The optional PLC communication helps save on cable investment, while the night SVG and quick response capabilities further enhance the system’s performance.
Intelligent management is a key component of the SPI 100~125K-B. With intelligent I-V and fault wave recording, the inverter enables quick failure analysis. Smart online upgrades make system maintenance a breeze, while capacitor detection and life prediction features reduce the risk of failure.
Experience the efficiency, safety, and intelligence of the 1100V Three-phase On-grid String Inverter SPI 100~125K-B and elevate your renewable energy system to new heights.

SPI 100~125K-B

High Efficient

● Advanced three-level technology max. efficiency 98.8%
● 9/6 MPPTs design, compatible with large current / bifacial modules
● High power tracking density @ 400Vac system

Safe and Reliable

● IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion grade, intelligent fan with IP68 protection
● AFCI protection and fire protection, proactively reduces fire risk
● Anti-PID and PID recovery function

System Optimization

● DC 2 in 1 connection enabled and compatible with AL AC cables
● PLC communication optional, save cable investment
● Night SVG and quick response

Intelligent Management

● Intelligent I-V and fault wave recording, quick failure analysis
● Smart online upgrade, easy for system maintenance
● Capacitor detection and life prediction reduce the failure risk

Left View

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