iStoragE1 Series

Enjoy Energy Independence

With Kehua Energy Storage System + PV, it is now possible to effectively manage day and night solar in your home.

Add in blackout protection and the option to join a virtual power plant to give your customers a complete energy solution.

Introducing the iStoragE1 Series Energy Storage System, a cutting-edge solution that empowers you to achieve energy independence and effectively manage solar power in your home, day and night. With Kehua Energy Storage System + PV, this advanced system offers blackout protection and the option to join a virtual power plant, providing a comprehensive energy solution for your customers.
The iStoragE1 Series offers independence through its built-in EMS function with multi-mode operation, achieving energy autonomy. It delivers a real uninterruptible power supply with a switching time of less than 10ms and boasts a robust backup power capacity of up to 7800W.
Safety is a top priority for the iStoragE1 Series. The system features physical and electrical dual isolation, ensuring a secure and reliable energy storage solution. Furthermore, it incorporates modular fire protection integration and offers an optional AFCI function integration for added protection.
Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the iStoragE1 Series features an all-in-one design that allows for streamlined installation. It offers a modular setup and quick plug connectors, as well as supporting multiple battery expansions and system expansions to adapt to your specific needs.
Intelligence is at the core of the iStoragE1 Series. The system boasts multi-point real-time monitoring and adaptive SOC management, along with PACK-level battery management for active charging and discharging balance. Additionally, it integrates intelligent energy management with a weather forecast function, ensuring optimal performance under various conditions.
Experience the unparalleled independence, safety, simplicity, and intelligence of the iStoragE1 Series Energy Storage System and enjoy the benefits of a complete energy solution for your home.

iStoragE1 Series


■ Built-in EMS function with multi-mode operation (achieves energy independence)
■ Real uninterruptible power supply, switching time<10ms
■ Stronger back up power up to 7800W


■ Physical and electrical dual isolation
■ Modular fire protection integration
■ AFCI function integration (optional)


■ All-in-one design
■ Modular installation & Quick plug connector
■ Multiple battery expansion& Multiple system expansion


■ Multi-point real-time monitoring, adaptive SOC management
■ PACK-level battery management, active balance of charging and discharging
■ Intelligent energy management with weather forecast function

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